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Elements is a vertical slice I created for a game concept I thought would make an interesting twist on the platformer genre. This vertical slice was created as part of my university coursework but it is an idea that I had stewed upon previously, I just so happened to be lucky enough that my coursework gave me an excuse to realise it. 

The objective of the game is to platform and puzzle-solve your way through levels with some light combat in the form of dodging enemies and possibly taking them out, at the expense of your (very limited) ammo.

The player has a special suction gun that can absorb enemies, each of which possess a certain element that powers the ammo provided when absorbing them. E.g. electric enemies will provide electric ammo when absorbed.

It is not enough to navigate your way through the levels, objects in the environment must be interacted with by powering, destroying or in some other way affecting by shooting them with specific ammo types. 

  • Power electric devices like doors using electric ammo
  • Burn wooden objects using fire ammo
  • Douse flames or fill containers to weigh them down using water ammo


  • WASD - Move
  • Left click - Shoot
  • Right click - Suck in enemies


*You can only shoot when you have ammo, only one ammo at a time is allowed, you will see a symbol for your ammo type in the bottom right of the screen. If there is no symbol then you have no ammo


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