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In Sled path you control a man and his sled. his mission is simple: to deliver presents to every christmas tree he can find.

In this (semi) top-down puzzle game, control your festive friend using the arrow keys to push him in any of the 4 directions. But beware! it seems our Santa-wannabe has lost his steering device for his sled, or perhaps he just doesn't know how to steer it... either way once you choose a direction to move he cannot stop or change direction until he is obstructed by something.

Navigate through 30+ snow themed levels set in a town the night before christmas, featuring several mechanics to augment each puzzle:

  • Keys:  collect keys to pass through lock boxes
  • Snowmen: ramming into them with enough momentum allows you to break through
  • Rickety bridges: one pass-over and they'll crumble

All game assets are from: https://kenney.nl/
Background music is from: https://freemusicarchive.org/genre/Christmas ( Titled "A Christmas adventure (Part 1)" )


Sled Path Game.zip 28 MB
Sled Path Documentation.zip 923 kB

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